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HPNF Certification Research Grant

The purpose of the HPNF Certification Research Grant is to help build a better understanding of the impact of palliative nursing certification on patient outcomes. Previous research has demonstrated that certified and non-certified nurses, nurse managers, value certification. More recent research has begun to examine the impact of certification on patient outcomes. Studies done in the acute care setting suggest that care environments with a higher proportion of certified nurses have better patient outcomes. Replicating this research in the hospice or palliative care environment would advance our understanding of the value of palliative nursing certification.


The HPNF Certification Research Grant is intended to provide investigators with resources to conduct exploratory, pilot or feasibility studies that will lead to larger scale projects linking certification with patient outcomes. Examples include collecting preliminary data about the distribution of certification qualifications among staff of different types of organizations or examining datasets from health care systems for patterns of staffing and outcomes.


One grant of up to $15,000 will be awarded annually.  Proposals are due on or before June 1.  The funding date is September 1 of the same year.  Funds for this grant do not cover expenses incurred prior to the funding date. 


The Certification Research Grant is competitive and the awardee is selected from the applicant pool by the Certification Research Grant Review Committee consisting of HPNF Board members and HPNA members with research expertise.


General Grant Information:

·        The funding period is for 12 months from the receipt of the award.

·        Proposals may be resubmitted one time to HPNF.

·        Grant funds may not be used for investigator salary.

·        A final report of expenditures and final scientific report must be submitted to HPNF 90 days following the original or amended project funding period.

·        The application abstract and final report will be posted on the HPNF website.

·        Publication of research findings in peer-reviewed scientific or professional journals such as the Journal for Hospice and Palliative Nursing is expected.


To be eligible for the grant, the Principal Investigator must:

·        Be actively involved in some aspect of hospice and palliative care practice, education, or research.

·        Hold a master’s or doctoral degree or be enrolled in a doctoral program.

·        Have a project that is consistent with the purpose of the research grant, stated above, and is ready for implementation when funding is received.

·        Complete project within one (1) year of funding.

·        Preference will be given to HPNA members.


To apply:

·      Use HPNF Certification Research Grant Application Packet for submission.  All applications must be submitted via mail (4 copies) or email.  Mailing address is Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation, One Penn Center West, Suite 425, Pittsburgh, PA 15276.  Email address is

     Faxed applications cannot be accepted.  

·        Proposals must be received on or before June 1 of the respective year. Submission deadline is strictly enforced. 

·        HPNF Certification Research Grant Review Committee takes into account applicant's adherence to submission guidelines, completeness of proposal, and quality of proposal when reviewing submissions and selecting awardee.



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